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You Have the Power to Stop Foreclosure

Get help with foreclosure law in Patchogue, NY

If you've been served foreclosure papers, you need to act quickly. You could be able to save your home, but you'll need help from a foreclosure law attorney. Grausso & Foy, LLP can prepare a solid foreclosure defense for you in Patchogue, NY.

We'll use all available resources and decades of foreclosure law experience. Call 631-517-9260 today to schedule a free consultation.

Expose inconsistencies in the foreclosure process

Grausso & Foy, LLP has presented successful foreclosure defense cases by finding violations or discrepancies in the foreclosure filing process. We often uncover these issues by asking a series of questions, such as:

  • When were you served the foreclosure papers?
  • Does your lender seem to be creating the problems?
  • If your property has co-owners, were they also served?

Your foreclosure defense attorney in Patchogue, NY can help you find valid reasons to halt the foreclosure process. We'll also work with you to find a long-term solution to your mortgage issues. Contact Grausso & Foy, LLP today to learn more.